Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It's an Arabic thing...you wouldn't understand.

صئ تط سسس غضع"

That is arabic. It's very hard to read...it's even harder to write...I am not arabic, but I have decided that I am going to only write in arabic (starting RIGHT after I finish this blog post...of course)

This is an attempt to take back my soul from this blog. When white producers and money men started to steal jazz from the black artists who created it and water it down for mass white consumption as big band, BE BOP was invented...a musical form that was based on convoluted note structures (sometimes the exact same note "recipe" as a more popular counterpart but newly minted with more improv and MORE notes), smaller instrumental groupings and freer rhythmic patterns, ensuring that the music industry henchmen couldn't reproduce this music as easily as they had earlier jazz.

This is still happening today in Hip Hop culture. Fo Shizzle. The oppressed taking back what they created and tweaking it to represent them once more.

Because people read my blog, I am sometimes a little less apt to post what I am really feeling. I write about things that will amuse the masses to feed my little ego demon. But I think I need this blog to be a place where I can write about sad things, nay, depressing things...things that break my heart and experiences that I can't get rid of with just a pen and paper. Things that are so big in my soul that they require the vastness of cyberspace to contain them...lest my head implode. I want to write about God, bad dates, new crushes, old love that breaks me, my family, my job...things I shouldn't write about if other people are going to read it...things that I should filter. Things that I do filter.

Hence I will write only in arabic. It may take a year, but be-bop wasn't born in a day. I'm taking back my blog...and if you get bored or offended...so be it. And if you go out with me or care about me, I ask your forgiveness in advance.


Adam said...

Wow, I'm not Arabic, but what I know of the language leaves me impressed with what you wrote here NB. I like the use of initial form where appropriate. Too many people latch onto final form when using Gaf and Tah. I hope this spurs others to pick up this truly beautiful language.

Tamara said...

Good stuff. I look forward to the translation.
Although, I could easily discuss this Hip-Hop and jazz issue with you for hours. Have you read any of Nelson George's books yet? Good stuff as well. But maybe not as exciting as your blog.

Anonymous said...

As your Lebanese friend who should herself be more emotionally expressive, I think it's a great idea!

Sara McOllie said...

What about Farsi?

Definitely make your posts all about what you WANT to talk about and not what you think people want to read. Personally, I want to hear about the things on your mind.

On a side note, I set up a blog account since I was tired of signing on as "Anonymous". Why did no one warn me that to just get a little blue name underlined, I would have to go through the long and convoluted process of setting up a blog of my own? Well, I have it, but there is nothing on it. Probably won't be for a while. We will see though.

Hey, It's Ansley said...

Wow, I just did the same thing. In fact I don't have anything fun to say with this comment, just wanted to see my name in blue, I guess I'm working on the self-identity developmental stage.

lumina said...

Love you, just love you.

Met these Arabic guys the other night who taught me how to say Sweetheart in Arabic, "Habeebe". And when I was practicing, one guys said, "Okay, you have to stop saying that now, because it's too sexy the way you say it!"

So, there's a little Arabic lesson for you. It is the most beautiful language to listen to. I want to hear it whispered in my ear!
And I want to eat some baba ganoush, right now.