Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mockery is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

You may have noticed I've been gone. But you shouldn't feel bad...I swear it wasn't was ME. I took many hiatuses (is that how you spell that?) during the beginning of the month of November...I stopped counting my weight watchers points, I stopped answering my telephone or returning most calls, I stopped doing my work at work, I stopped cooking (viva la microwaveable corn dogs), I stopped ironing my clothes, I stopped having crushes, I stopped cleaning ANYTHING and I think I may have even stopped breathing once or twice (mostly right after walking up the 4 flights of stairs to my apartment but whatever...). Most recently, I stopped physically being in Salt Lake City. I just got back from my most dramatic hiatus which was a trip to the Mother Land also known as the East Coast.

After eating my way through Pennsylvania and New York City (scrapple and tastykakes and thin crust pizza...oh MY!) I am back and ready to once again share my life with anyone and everyone who may wish to read about it. My renewal is complete. I was offered an upgraded position at work, I have a new interest in my "Women with Significant Lives" project and I am once again in love with my blog, men and life in general.

A "FAN" just sent me a little send up of my blog style that has encouraged me to continue per usual...I've copied it here for your enjoyment:

"Ninny Beth's Blog Style: As I walked to work today from B Street to G street I saw a homeless man and wondered how such a person could arrive in such a state of existence. When I was attending school at Penn (Ivy League) I was part of a theatrical group where I actually played the part of a homeless person. Given, I have never been homeless (although I once spent the night in a car), I did have some idea of what it must be like to be homeless. The sun was beautiful as it rose above the mountains. I HATE boys."

I'm either flattered or offended...but it's pretty accurate except that I never ONCE slept in a car all night. Either way, I'll start writing again even if it is only to vindicate myself from such slander. I love you, blog! I do!!!!


Kirsten J said...

What's your women with significant lives project? Say more things about that now.

And Fan indeed! I read your blog religiously as it comes, but I've never thought to become so wrapped up in it as to attempt to mimic its style. Mercy.

To Ninny's Fan: Do mine! Do mine!

Kirsten J said...

Or wait...

Maybe I should rethink that. The mimickery seems a little stalkerish at second glance to me. Who is THAT seasoned in the dynamics of your blogging? I mean, besides me?

Bob said...

I was wondering where you were. Good to see you back.


lumina said...

oh, so glad you are back. I want photos of new york.

it's fun to demand things.

benjamin said...

I'm very happy to once again have a post of yours to read while putting off writing one of my own. I am in love with your blog too. Could you introduce us?