Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Please Forward

What better way to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday than by starting a NEW THANKSGIVING CHAIN E-MAIL FORWARD????!!!!! That's what I'm doing right here, right now to show my gratitude to God for all good things in the world. That's right...A Chain e-mail for giving to those you are thankful for.

Here it goes:

I'm so thankful for so many things.

(picture of person praying)

and this is my prayer of thanksgiving.

I am thankful for money. Lots and Lots of money. I wish you would give me some money. Then I could be thankful for money AND YOU!

(picture of me swimming in money ala Scrooge McDuck)

I am thankful for Love. I am thankful for kittens. I am thankful for kittens in love.

(picture of two kittens holding hands)

I am thankful for the Weight Watchers holiday cookbook that will make me feel completely satisfied without losing precious weightloss ground. You'll see a little less of me next year...haha.

(picture of me ingesting an entire pumpkin pie in one fell swoop)

I am thankful for crystal light, caffeine free diet dr. pepper, and a whole host of other diet beverages that make each day just a little bit better.

(picture of me running to the bathroom 10 times a day, thus breaking up my work day into manageable bite sized pieces)

I am thankful for family. Especially my stripper sister-in-law and my nanny and pappy for giving me stories that I may entertain at cocktail parties.

(picture of nanny and pappy cage dancing)

I am thankful to God for inventing ipods. Although I can't afford an ipod yet (please see 1st thankful item on list) it feels like I should still be thankful that the promise of one exists in the world.

(picture of me and God giving you a big hug with caption "you really shouldn't's much too extravagant a gift for little ol me...but now at least God loves that's good!")

I am thankful for friends. Friends don't let friends drive drunk or with a cell phone in one hand and a diet coke in the other.

Please forward this list to 32 of your closest friends and family or someone will get hit by a bus in the next year.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!


benjamin said...
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benjamin said...

I'm thankful for Ninny Beth, money, and laptops that act as rather bulky ipods which cannot easily be a companion on running or scootering expeditions. I will pray for an ipod for you. I too believe in their ultimate power to bring about joy through music.

Kirsten J said...

I'm thankful for your dating/single life so I can observe from the edge of my seat. Who needs Sex and the City on DVD? I have you! Minus all the sex...PG-13 celibacy in the City? The he-harem of Ninny? How to Snag a Guy in 10 Minutes?

You should write Chick-Lit channeling "Wedding Crashers" explaining a top ten list of techniques on how to use your friends' weddings to get play or at least just dates and healthy text-message traffic. People love a good top ten list. Plus, weddings are such an untapped resource. So tap that.

While I'm being tacky and sleazy, what is the stripper story? Bow chicka bow-wow.

Adam said...

That was hilarious. I can't wait to get hit by a bus. Talk about bragging rights over the femur ward at the hospital!