Monday, September 25, 2006

The secret and $550 Dollar Monday

I hit a kid on a bike with my car today. This was 3 minutes after paying $432 for brand new tires after taking my car in for a simple tire balancing and alignment. This was shortly after waking up to what appears to be the Pink Eye Pox. This was 6 short hours after falling asleep crying.

Last weekend I watched this "motivational" video called The Secret. It's an instructional video that espouses the concept of an intelligent universe that is based on the law of attraction. In short, we live in a universe ruled by vibration. When we think positively and experience happy feelings, we are sending off positive vibrations and the universe responds by opening doors in the positive. When we are out of balance with ourselves and with our higher power (ex: feeling anger or hopelessness or despair), we send out negative vibrations which lead to more negative experiences which creates a downward spiral of negative negativeness culminating in ME MOVING UP IN THE RANKS OF WORST DRIVERS IN UTAH. I am now, thanks to The Secret, the 2nd worst driver in Utah. I can't say first, or the Secret and the universe will make it happen.

I think there is something to this, although, I think sometimes we just have a crummy morning or what have you...but today I definitely started out with the downward spiral mentality. I expected it. And boy did I get it. How do you change these days? Have you ever had a wake up with the pox day and seen it turn around through sheer positive mental prowess? I would love to hear about those times when you've made a bad day get better and what it was that flipped the switch. It will give me strength as I head to guthrie's bike shop to pay for the repairs to my victim's bike.

PS. boy on bike is uninjured. The go-cart (aka my car) is uninjured (unless you are counting the other dents from previous $550 dollar days). All is or will be well soon enough.


Kirsten J said...

OMG I'm so sorry. That is the worst. I'd rather be the kid on the bike than the driver, seriously. There are so many times when I'm driving down the road and the sun shines onto the dirt/crap on my windshield, transforming it from a transparent film to a solid wall of blindness, and it is only through chance/luck/good vibrations that there is not a young cyclist or senior citizen or disabled person on the other side of The Screen of Un-transparency.

nomadic gnome said...

Have you read The Celestine Prophecy? I think The Secret is a cheap knockoff of that book.

I need to channel the positive energy so I don't kill anyone on this last week of work in my office.

Addicted said...

I think there's something real about what they say in the secret... i first doubted it, but after watching that i've written down financial goals and i've achieved them every month ever since! I believe attitude plays a big role in everything, and i particularly liked the consept of the gratitude rock. - Oh there's this other movie called 'what the bleep do we know' where they talk about the law of attraction and stuff but they show you how the crystals in water were afected by our thoughts and how they came out diferent with good or bad thoughts, that's a big thing when you think that your body is made of about 80% water, so just think of the impact of your thoughts!

lumina said...

I watched The Secret too!

Emily Potter used it to get rid of her ecxema.

pretty cool.
I'm using the law of attraction to continue to have flawless skin and a gorgeous body as well as to be completely deleriously and sensibly in love with a good man.
oh and making gratitude lists is so good.
and I wrote down a figure I wanted to get paid every month in korea and just September got a raise to $300 more than the figure I wrote down a year ago.
so my new figure is $300,000 a year.
I wrote down everything I want in my life, and calculated the cost, and figured out I need to make about $300,000 a year to do it. So, I make $300,000 a year.

What are you up to with the Secret?

I love you so much.