Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I didn't eat the greenbeans and you can't make me...

Today I had microwaved greenbeans with my lunch. I cooked them, seasoned them and brought them with me to my desk with the intention of eating them. I need 5 fruits and vegetables a day on weight watchers, but even my newly found re-motivation to be healthy could not entice me to consume those shriveled little green things coated in black pepper and toxic spray butter. Instead, I consumed approximately 40 baking chocolate chips...you know those big disc-y kind that should not be eaten a la carte? They weren't godiva, but they were better than greenbeans. So there.

Call me petulant, I don't care.

Do you know that I didn't even remember my best friend's baby due date? Alta is having little KaRyn in like a week and I thought it wasn't until NOVEMBER. PS. no matter how hard I try, she doesn't really plan to name the little nipper after me...and I am finally ready to give up because I don't deserve to be a namesake if I can't even pay attention to the due date. What a crappy friend I've been since I got back from the land down under. I mean, I'll admit that part of my charm is my general narcissism...you KNOW it's true or else you wouldn't be reading my blog. If I didn't believe that my life was dramatic and interesting and fabulous, then I wouldn't want to write about it and you wouldn't voyueristically be reading about it. But come on. At some point, I have to stop thinking about me and realize that people are living around me...people I LOVE are creeping up to insanely adventurous thresholds of LIFE. What can possibly be more exciting and adventurous than bringing a life into the world...one that you are solely responsible for shaping and molding and could truly screw up if you aren't careful???

The point is that I acknowledge my weaknesses. I acknowledge that I do not always succeed in getting past myself. I am too loud at church and say the wrong thing at the wrong time. I speak over people. I care too much what people think. I am petty and resentful. I eat the chocolate instead of the greenbeans. I avoid things that I don't want to deal with. I never shred my personal information before putting it in the dumpster. I tell everyone everything about my life and then regret it later. I have an overwhelming addiction to diet coke and fried chicken strips from Albertsons. I wash my hands after I touch your dog. I cry a lot and don't return your phone calls. I rarely follow through. But I'm trying to be better....I swear I'm trying and if I don't get it right before the baby is born...forgive me!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

October 25th, now we can move on.

I love you Ninny, sorry I was hard on you!Just for the record, those greenbeans are best eaten right out of the can. Don't try to decorate them with salt and pepper and a pretty bowl. Just eat em!

slcup said...

I'm so with you re: the green beans. You can dress certain veggies up until they look like beauty queens, but they'll still be inedible.

Brett D said...

I hate apples.

lumina said...

green beans are not good

from a can...sheesh...disgusting, disgusting, yuck
don't be hard on yourself for not eating those, I think you were having dignity and self-respect by refusing them

vegetables from a garden are delicious...splurge on really delicious vegetables that you enjoy if you are gonna put them in your mouth! which ones do you like?
I love asparagus, and carrots with raisins and almonds together like trail mix, I love raw purple cabbage, and cucumbers, and raw broccoli, and corn on the cob, and sweet potatoes, and the inside stalks of celery, and cooked spinach...Koreans eat kimchi which you might try, but I don't know how many WW points it has
good work on your recommitment...me too!