Monday, October 30, 2006


You've wanted to hear it and now you can.
go here: KaRyn's Artist Page on Soundclick

these are rough demo's that I recorded in my aunts basement. The official demo contains my cover of "Don't Think Twice" by Bob Dylan, and 3 of my originals "Ordinary Girl", "What if I" and "Learning Curve".

Tell me what you think, but only if you like it.


Freshcultureshock said...

GReeeeeeat music! you have real tallent karyn :)

Zirkstar said...

Nice music. I think I saw you in a talent show in Portland, OR a few years ago singing 'I Will Survive'. It rocked.

Tamara said...

I've missed hearing your voice. :(
Makes me think of you, me, and Skye staying up late attempting to be Dixie Chicks years ago. We could have taken that one on the road. Looks like you're conquering the journey alone instead!
Let me know if you ever want backup! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh the smokiness...oh the purity. No seriously...I wanna wrap myself up in your voice. . . platonically o' course. Someday, like maybe on your world tour, can I open for you?

Mike said...

Darling Miss KaRyn, why isn't "All Fiction" on the official demo?