Monday, November 06, 2006

driving myself crazy

Quick Lunchtime blog...

Did you know that this Friday is a paid holiday???? I just found out today that friday is veteran's Day! Happy Monday Surprise...and I just got back from the subway where Sharon actually said my name when I walked in the door. Granted, she called me Karen, but hey, it was some sort of recognition of my continual patronage.

This is the good news. The bad news is that I was driving and some guy got mad at me for no apparent reason. Ok, so I guess I was driving on the left side of the underground parking road. But his anger was unnecessary. As we both got out of our cars, he was muttering "shitty, shitty driver." over and over and over as he went into the dry cleaners and I went into subway. That's a very mean label to pin on someone when the only proof that you have of their poor driving is ONE isolated negative experience and 3 dents on the left side of the drivers car and a practically detached front headlight. I mean...really.

The thing that upsets me about this is how much this upsets me. I thought to say, "angry, angry mean guy" under my breath in retort but didn't think that would really make my point. I was in the wrong. So, should I have apologized? I wanted to be belligerent. His getting angry made me angry. Why couldn't it have transpired like a mentos commercial with him handing me a roll of delicious soft and chewy fruit candy and smiling as he shook his head in amazement at my ingenuity for driving on the wrong side of the road??? Well, anyway. I guess it comes down to knowing that you are a crappy driver doesn't make it any better when a total and complete stranger points it out to you. I wish I didn't care what other people thought about me. This is a pattern for me though, so it must be something I need to work on...I was at a party friday and a friend reminded me that people don't REALLY like it when you monopolize the conversation and interrupt everyone to tell YOUR story even though the other people you are talking to probably have great things to say. UGH. It makes me just want to hide. Stay in my house and off the streets and away from other people at parties. Then no one will get their feelings or the angry angry man that I almost killed.



Sara McOllie said...

I am one of those drivers that, should I on a complete fluke :), find myself doing something I know is wrong and there are witnesses, I just acknowledge the action with a little wave. I find that they may be thinking "shitty, shitty driver" but they don't say it out loud. Somehow the little wave lets them know that I don't normally drive like I think I am in England, or a demolition derby, or what have you.

lenalou said...

Everyone does stupid things once in a while when driving (even me, and I am a brilliant driver - except for Sunday night when I apparently did think I was in England and turned onto the left side of the road). My point is that it would be lovely if we could all give each other a break about it. I'm all for honking when someone does something dumb, but then MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE. As a response to mean drivers, I favour the sarcastic thumbs up. It's relieving to the feelings, and hasn't got me shot yet.
And, sorry to reinforce you thinking about what other people think of you, but I rather like you as you are.

alina said...

Oh please! Two stupid selfish people in quick succession can be tough, and it can most definitely throw you into the "oh I'm so so wrong and nothing about me is right" mode, but listen here girlie. The man with the car is just mad because you inconvenienced his day (somehow) (how?) and his irritation (which is his own fault) bubbled out of his mouth and splashed all over you. You were going, what, five miles an hour? PUHLEASE!

And the other person, the "please don't talk over me" person? I could dig right into a nasty diatribe about that, but I'll just say that if someone can't learn to speak up, they deserve to be talked over. I know that in certain situations we could all be a little more sensitive and inclusive, but what was it, a party? Aren't you SUPPOSED to be boisterous and talkative at a party? Shame on whomever that was for forgetting that we are responsible for speaking up and their self-righteousness is only going to hurt your feelings.


You're an amazing person, sweet girl, and I'm proud of you for how good and inclusive and hopeful and talented you are. Don't let the bastards get you down!