Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Face it...I am your internet girlfriend

This was my halloween costume this year. Last year I was a pregnant prom queen. a few years ago I was a housewife on valium. Liz pointed out that all of my costumes have a similar contempt for and ironic mockery of all things suburban. That's right. Those claw bangs are ironic mockery of the quotidian.


slcup said...

It's even better than you described!

sucrosecluster said...

*Running to get Marianne right now to freak out about how perfect your internet girlfriend "profile" is*

I freaking LOVE you.

I MeAn, LiKE, LoL, bUt N-E Wayz, JK. LoL. You and I, we're just pony-tails and hoodie sweatshirts, and nothing but tinted lip balm. Of course we eat pizza in lingerie together. While watching our sports (but, no, not too much).

Synergy said...

You have made me so very happy. I freaking love you too.

Oh, and by the way, do you have those tapes I borrowed you? Ya know, the ones of the SuperBowl and a few old episodes of SportsCenter? Cuz I like need them for a party I am throwing. It's going to be off the hookizzle. I'm like, the only girl that's even gonna be there. Well, the only one that counts. LOL! I just get along with guys way better than girls! All my best friends are guys. I am SUCH a tomboi! LOL! Girls are just jealous because their boyfriends want to hang out with me. I mean, I can't help it if they aren't cool or stuff. Stop hating me! Oh my gosh! I can't believe I'm like, still talking on your blog!

Anonymous said...

I just spent the last two and a half days at work reading your blog almost continually. I am finally caught up and I have to say that you are amazing! Can I say I love you, even though we are only more or less acquaintences?


Adam said...

Awesome costume NB!

Skye said...

Ha ha! This is so funny!

I have to confess, I'm pretty sure my LDS Linkup "greeting" is not very different from your mockery version. I seriously need to change it.

MJB said...

I have to say you have a firm grasp on being able to make light of anything hard that happens in your life!! You are bondless free and amazing...But dont let it go to your head!....I have to say the costume is classic and perfect for the end of a great year for you. I think you only care about what others think around you becasue you want them to be comfortable with you and as a fellow codependent I understand.....Hey maybe that can be your costume for next year>? The codependent 22 year old interent hookup..But anyone who bags you is getting at least a 50 cow wife. Luv YA!!