Saturday, February 03, 2007


Everything is changing. The world is in flux. I no longer live in Salt Lake City. I no longer work at the world wide land conservation non-profit. I no longer sign in to Normal girls using my hotmail account.

They just made this sort of monumental switch over to gmail here at and if you thought sleeping on my mom and dad's couch for the next two weeks waiting for my Korean visa would throw me over the edge, you had no idea what screwing with my blog would do. I genuinely live in "overwhelm" these days so when I signed in and it took me 10 minutes to access my blog after jumping through a bit of a hoop to get a gmail account, I wanted to burst into tears and throw my computer across the room. I'm OK now. The shaking has subsided.

Quick life update. Talked to Adam today. That was fun since I hadn't heard from him since he went on a mystery trip to Brisbane and presumably got eaten by a croc. Glad he's alive and in the world.

Have been babysitting nieces and nephews during the days and prying sticky fingers off the keyboard as I try futilely (did you have any clue that word was spelled that way???) to convince the University of Pennsylvania that I was indeed a student at their school and they should indeed LET ME ORDER MY TRANSCRIPT online. I'm not kidding. I'm about to put down.

The transcript is for my application to grad school. I'm applying for a masters in international education from Drexel in philly. I thought about U of Pheonix online, but it hurts my feelings to think about writing that on my resume (no offense). Drexel has a decent online program and they actually care to see my transcripts before letting riffraff like me into their school. U of Phoenix patted me on the head and gave me a lollypop as they told me how to get financial aid.
I can say that because my dad was an instructor for UofP. 1 out of 1 O'Daly's agree. U of Phoenix is not for me. (the rhyming is the result of hanging out with 1 year olds all day).

I'm in between everything. I was so busy in my last weeks in SL that I felt a little like my worst version of myself. Grouchy, complainy, cold. Now I'm here in the middle of the old and the new and I feel a lot lost. Would you believe that going to the grocery store to pick up bread and diet coke is the only thing that has made me feel normal in the last 5 days? In a life now completely devoid of routine, that simple act gave me the semblence of self. Tomorrow I will start again. Annyeonghasseyo.


Hey, It's Ansley said...

My favorite part of your post was the "annyeong" at the end. Made me laugh thinking about Arrested Development.

Good luck with all the exciting but difficult changes!

Marie said...

I HATE being in limbo. I've been on a few adventures, but they've been well defined for the most part -- began on a certain day and ended on a certain day -- kind of the psychological equivalent of cannonballing it into an icy river. I would never make it into the icy river if I were easing my way in. To belabor the metaphor, your last weeks in SLC packing, liquidating, and moving were the legs and very sensitive loinal region (ouch!). Congrats -- hardest part over. Your time at home is going to take you up to the neck. Not fun, but easier than what you've already been through. And the head's easy -- just take a big deep breath and greet the friendly Korean mer-people with your winningest smile.

lumina said...

See you sunday Chingu!