Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Universe Must Weep Sometimes

This has broken my heart today.
Broken by the grief of those who've lost love.
Broken by the pain that would lead to such senseless violence.
Broken by the condition of our gray world.
Broken by the loss of hope and increase in sorrow.
Broken by my inability to do more, to change more, to care less.

Who was this refugee child? What had he felt and seen and experienced in his short 18 years that would cause this sort of tragic leap? I truly cried when I read this because of the victims but also because this boy, the perpetrator of such a gruesome crime, was most likely a victim himself....victim of war and poverty and exodus. Dear world, our children are desperate!!!!! CAN WE NOT ALL DO JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE TO BRING THEM PEACE?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I will not sit idly by. I will not separate myself from this story. I will wear myself out in this pursuit...to ease the burdens we place upon children even if just for a moment in time. I believe and I have work to do.


lovestrong said...

I have students closely involved. And there are victims my age. I have no words.

Juniper said...

I went back on Wednesday to buy thank you cards from Tabula Rasa...thank you cards...a small token that the world is still good and there are still reasons to be grateful.

heatherlynn said...

karyn, it's the saddest. yay for you turning your feelings into justice and love for others. hope all is well for you.