Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Christmas Blog

I was about to write one of those gratuitous Christmas letters for family and friends when I realized I could just write a blog entry and print it, thus leading interested parties to the underbelly of my outwardly normal existence by providing them with information and a direct link to my weblog (aka BLOG). This is my blog and here is a blog recap of my life over the last year. Please fasten your seatbelts.

January: I think it snowed during this month. Played my first "Gig" in Tuscon at a TNC conference. Got my very first (and currently) only dollar tip in my guitar case from a butch woman who worked at the hotel.

February: I'm pretty sure it snowed this month too. Oh yeah, it was cold too and still got dark too early. But I did get up to go to the gym I think like, twice, so this was a great month for me.

March: The snow began to melt (are you starting to see a theme??? I promise it gets better as soon as we get past this whole winter thing)

April: I went home to Portland to visit my family and see my new nephew Keegan. I quickly gained a reputation as "the baby whisperer" cementing the mystique surrounding the question, "now, why isn't she married????"

May: Went back to Portland for my little brother Marc's wedding to Holly. I beheld my first ipod close up and personal. I finally understood what my friends alie and Caitlyn meant when they said, "You think you're happy and then you get an ipod". Enter severe ipod lust.

June: The sun was shining in Salt Lake City EVERYDAY. I spent my lunch breaks under a tree reading The Outlander Series (by diana gabaldon), cleaned my closets and answered the question "Why isn't she married" when I discovered a large, monsterous roach the size of zimbabwe crawling out of my underwear drawer.

July: Started participating in what we call the "Impressive Ladies Informational Sessions" with my friends Sarah, Celeste and Keri. We decided to invite women we admire to our living rooms and grill them about their particular path in life and their relationship to God and Family. We started having planning meetings and working on a book that will hopefully chronicle this experience and inspire other groups of women to seek a clear purpose and path in their life. It's honestly one of the most exciting and fulfilling things I've ever been involved in. Also started new position at work.

August: Went to DC for the Temple wedding of a girl that I taught on my mission in West Virginia. That was freaking cool. I Finally converted to the ripe old age of 28...my late 20's. Ack!

September: picked fresh vegetables at a farm, incurred a nasty eye condition called iritis, spent more time under trees reading trashy highland romances. Worked like crazy at the Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve teaching 4th graders about the importance of wetlands.

October: Organized the very first Ward Re-Prom and discovered that you really Can't Touch This with 75 of my closest friends. My brother Bryan visited and we had a jolly time doing all kinds of stuff. I discovered the joys of arthritis and took enough(medically prescribed) steriods to keep a small russian community in Olympic gymnasts for a few years.

November: Went to Philadelphia to visit family, sing a Stevie Wonder song at a college friend's wedding and eat some scrapple. Stopped by New York to visit friends and buy some new shoes and a pashmina from a street vendor...you know, the usual. Came back and sang at my best friend alie's wedding (are you seeing a pattern here????) and had a SPAT (Single. People. Alone. Together) Thanksgiving dinner for all my friends.

December: Guess what!!!???? It's snowing AS WE SPEAK and I just found out that I have another NIECE named Jenna . I guess this means the year has come full circle. I will spend December celebrating the birth of My Savior Jesus Christ, enjoying the beauty and the promise of a year to come. I know that God lives and that each year, every day gives us an opportunity to be renewed and to experience CHANGE. I hope you have love love love in the year to come. That is my Christmas Wish...well, that...and I hope Elvis Costello comes to do a show in Salt Lake...and I hope I get an ipod in the year to come...and that's all.


Kirsten J said...

Sitting here with Dev who says your name means "girl" in Greek. Wouldn't be an interfaith night at Hotel Johnson without Dev spouting classics and word origins. And making fun on my husband's xbox.

lovestrong said...

when I grow up, I want to be like you. I also want you to sing stevie wonder at my wedding...or whatever.

Adam said...

Hope you get an iPod too. And I hope you learn to use the proper case when typing iPod.

Ninny Beth said...

Since you are the God of Good Grammar, do you think you could talk to that other God and put in a good word about the ipod?

Ninny Beth said...

Since you are the God of Good Grammar, do you think you could talk to that other God and put in a good word about the ipod?

Adam said...

You get nothing until you spell iPod correctly at least a few times.

Q-Train said...

I tell you what. Since you don't have your own iPod, you are welcome to come to my place, we have dinner, and then who knows one thing might lead to another and I might let you touch my iPod! That's sounds a lot more dirty than intended. ;)

An iPod is a very wonderful thing. Now not only can I sing at the top of my lungs while other cars pass by giving me strange looks but I can currently do it for 4.1 days straight.