Monday, January 30, 2006

A conglomeration of posits and queries

1. Poetry
a. Why am I such a sucker for it?
b. Who is anonymous friend poetry poster and why can’t they just send me an email and end my angst?
c. Maybe the angst created from an anonymous poetry poster who seems to be madly in love with me, but won’t uncloak presents the perfect opportunity to resurrect some of my really abysmal alterna-teen poetics from 12th grade. Perhaps I should be thanking the Anonymous Mary Diet Coke fiend?
i. This brings up a very interesting concept…can you date someone’s blog? Because I’m pretty sure my blog gets dated more than I do. If you are dating my blog, I’ll give you a hint…my blog LOVES to be taken to the Melting Pot and a movie.

2. Bread and Jam
a. I ate the bread and the jam in mass quantities Saturday and spent most of Sunday truly regretting it.
b. I had a jam session on Saturday night. I heart musicians and parties and my friends.
i. Contemplating a stint at an open mic night but am too chicken to really see it through.
ii. Desperately want a new guitar, but won’t go halfway and so must look for ways to sell my soul to afford my dream axe (how very Guitar Center/Testosterone of me)

3. IM OK
a. 7 days and counting.
i. My supervisor told me that I appeared stressed out the last couple of days. I said that I wasn’t at all and why would she think that??? She said that I’ve been less chatty and every time she comes into my office I am concentrating with knitted brows at my computer screen. HAHAHAHA…what she doesn’t know is that I’m JUST WORKING….They think I am stressed because I am ACTUALLY DOING MY WORK ALL THE TIME.
1. except for right now, when I am writing a blog.
b. What do I do when I realize that IM isn’t really the problem and that the problem is ME?


lovestrong said...

Perhaps if you do the stint with the open mic, you could reward yourself with the melting pot. And I could come with?!? Yes. I think that sounds fantastic.

Tamara said...

the problem isn't you, it's your lack of black cherry vanilla diet coke.

i believe you should be rewarded with two bottles and a trip to melting pot for your IM resistance.

go ninny!

Adam said...

BTW, what is your dream axe?

Mike said...

wouldn't posting anonymously be more like stalking your blog than dating your blog?

And who knows- maybe you get stalked as much as your blog but don't know it.

That suddenly seems really creepy. And because of that, I won't post anonymously.

Jimbob Maggoo said...

Jam tommorrow, Jam yesterday, But never ever Jam today..... ;-)