Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sicky McSickerton

I'm home sick today. I woke up this morning all full of snot (which I suppose some of you might not consider a change of state from the usual...) and groggy. I could have gone to work, but then I wouldn't have enough time to watch both Bridget Jones movies in succession while lying on the couch drinking diet coke (high high healing powers...it burns the illness out of you) and passing out periodically during the "wobbly bits".

Being sick is so annoying and sort of nice. A forced inventory of all your ailments and a ready excuse to bail out of committments that you weren't that excited about anyway. I am rarely sick enough to stay home from work, so it's kind of a nice change of pace. The annoying part is you get kind of bored at home after about 5 hours. I start talking to myself and making friends with couch pillows.

I'll be back at work tomorrow and I'll be so busy that I won't even have time to IM. That will be nice and make me feel very productive.


lovestrong said...

I love being home when I should be at work. But I hate wasting that good feeling on being sick. gross.

I've long had a theory that couch pillows make the best friends. They cuddle the very best and when you get mad, you can hit them really, really hard and not even feel badly.

Bob said...

I hope you don't have the same crap I had.

3 weeks of feeling miserable.


Adam said...

You want to know how to spend endless hours at home and NOT get bored? Come to the dark side!