Thursday, January 05, 2006's a DIET COKE EMERGENCY

Still can't find black cherry vanilla diet coke and so decided, per adam, to order it online. Easier said than done, but while I was searching, I was horrified to read that with the introduction of BCVDC (looks like a tab for my guitar) they are PHASING OUT plain old Diet Vanilla. WHAT??????!!!!! Just because it's not as flashy????? That's like bringing Kate Hudson to church and telling me that I have to leave because I had day two hair in sacrament meeting and now that BCVDC Kate is here, there's no need for plain old VDC Me!!!! I'm still ok!!!! I promise I'll wash my hair tomorrow...DON"T MAKE ME LEAVE!!!!! And don't get rid of Vanilla...plain old, delightful, delicate Diet Vanilla.

Maybe somedays you don't want all that cherry riding up in your coke!!! WHAT THEN, COCA-COLA?????!!!!! What do you suggest we do then?????? Damn the man and his obsession with flash.


lovestrong said...

I believe you will find your holy grail. And in that moment you will look to angels singing above you and say, "I see now. Having the cherry really does make it better. How did I ever live with only vanilla?"

Rebky said...

Your blog is awesome; witty and fun! I found it by accident today searching diet vanilla COKE of all things (dunno what made me do it) Point is, I found your blog and we have a few things in common other than love of VDC. I'll give you a clue..finished the bom on Jan 31st... again. But, I've never read it fast like that (oh the shame)

I've not tasted the new BCVDC stuff either... I can't imagine it will suffice.