Monday, January 23, 2006

NOW what will I do for drama????

Once upon a time, there was a princess who was under a spell. This spell was cast by a wicked wizard called Micro Soft for evil purposes related to connectivity and marketing ploys. It employed a little blinking orange bar at the bottom of the princess' computer screen to control her. The bar would blink and the princess would stop whatever she was doing and look at the computer screen. Sometimes, if the princess was feeling brave or strong, she would deny herself the satisfaction of the blinking bar, but the wicked wizard's magic was simply too strong for her puny self-will...and she always fell back under the spell only to wake up 4 hours later having accomplished nothing in the kingdom she was brilliantly capable of ruling....

One day the princess woke up from her orange blinking bar spell and realized, "Oh shit. I've been under the spell for so long that the little paper people of my kingdom have taken over and I haven't washed my hair for THREE days instead of the requisite 2. This is bad. Bad."

So she decided that the only way to break the blinking orange spell cast by the evil Micro Soft was to destroy the wizard. Get rid of it completely. All or nothing. And so she disabled the blinking orange bar and now...

Oh forget it...I'm done with the fairy tale business. This is REAL life people. I am off messenger and I don't know what to do with myself. It's been 2 hours and 6 minutes without any INSTANT contact. My identity is gone from me. Gone. I will be more productive. I'm sure of it.


lovestrong said...

It's a good thing princess! I promise that life without messenger is possible. I do it everyday! Granted I fill my time with blogs and email, but that's totally different....

Synergy said...

I'm not a very good source for support. I also have an affinity for addictions. Any kind. So while I applaud your taking a step to diminish one, I feel a empathetic loss. "Oh, ouch, she's giving up something she loves". The Church seems to do a cold-turkey approach to stopping any addiction. But I think you can maybe give yourself two hours a day or something. Like one around ten and one around three perhaps. Could work. Or it could put you right back where you were before. I wouldn't know. People who have problems with addictions like me also have problems with limits and restraints. Good luck whatever you choose.

lenalou said...

Way to be strong! I have myself turned off my gmail pinger today, and am feeling all disconnected and empty. Am getting quite a lot done, though. In between reading blogs.

Kirsten J said...

Ya that's true...the blog will sneak up on you. NOt that I'm discouraging the further development of your blog.

Start a post. Work on it for 5 minutes. Then safe as draft. Then go back a few hours later and giv yourself another 5. Then save.

Do this 3 or 4 times during the day and you'll still average pretty good posts.

Or grant yourself one half-hour every day after work, to sit at your desk after everyone has left and enjoy pure, unadultrated internet-indulgence. Messenger, blogs, celebrity gossip. Even though it cuts into your evenings, it's way better than that empty feeling on the drive home from work where you know you were of no value to your employer and just drained them of a day's worth of your pay with little work in return. That was the story of my life for like 3 months straight at my last job.

Ninny Beth said...

3 hours and 43 minutes and I'm NOT DEAD YET!

UM, I'm so glad Hugh posted. I've been waiting for him to recognize that we belong together. All this, because I am no longer tethered to messenger?

Tamara said...

Congrats NB! Quitting IM was almost as hard for me as cutting back on caffeine. Now I just fill in my procrastination with checking out my friends' blogs (lucky you).
You're a rock star!

Adam said...

So, how's the lack of IM going? It's been like 3 days now hasn't it!

If you need a new addiction, World Of Warcrack can easily fill any void.

Jessica said...

I was just introduced to your blog and I am laughing out loud!!! Thanks for a fresh perspective and some comic relief!

Anonymous said...

To My Dear Sweet Mary (diet) Coke

My sweet Mary, of this
Blog speaks, countless
Woes that bare thy soul.
Conquer fear? Face thy Fate?

Nay;gathered is thy strength.
Firm I say! Sensible to
mortal folly, felling
Prides bright blade.

Hope;thine key for all,
Thrust in thoughts bane.
Thy words single keystroke,
Forged by courage to see.

Yes! I am the better.
Thy billows crimson blast
Spuring tempstest flame,
Bought pure in tears; your
Love, lifes sweet polish
To dreams I hold dear.

Your Friend-