Sunday, January 18, 2009


Does anyone know exactly how many WW points are in reconstituted fish parts marinated in scary brown dirt water??? because for some ODD reason, Weight Watchers DOESN'T list it in their catalogue of common foods?

Also, side note: I had a semi-sexual dream that included a trans-gendered German immigrant (Hedwig of the Angry Inch), a white trash barely-legal in a wife beater (who I made out with????) and some circus folk who were going to kill us at a picnic.


jennifer said...


rachel said... I hardly know what to say... :D That is one wacky dream! But somehow, I always suspected that about circus folk...

And you might try looking up "Potted Meat Product" for a hint on those WW points. I think it will probably hold about the same nutritional value. ;)