Monday, January 12, 2009


All the others were LOSERS. TED is the only one I care about now. SomeBody introduced us, and it was like, seriously, love at first sight. Now all I do is count the minutes until I can get in another 18 minutes with him.

He's intelligent! OK, so he's a little bit nerdy, but hey, aren't we all in our own quirky way?
He's funny...nay WITTY!
He's full of useful information and committed to helping the world (HUMANITARIAN=TED!)
He's never unavailable!
He's all about technology, entertainment and design which is kind of like dating a hot german architect and his esoteric iPod.

Wanna see TED?


mistyb said...

I too love TED. My husband introduced us...(OK, now this is getting complicate because we BOTH love TED!)

Marie said...

My bro introduced us a year or two ago, and he really doesn't have a bad angle, that TED. That's why everyone loves him. Including men.

My favorite to date are the wooden monsters that walk by wind power. Can't remember what they were called, but they were fuh-reaky.