Monday, January 05, 2009

What The Kids at Creativity School Are Singing These Days


Name it... said...

I don't know why, but this post reminded me of a little clip from 1989.

Some relationship between the way music shoves right past our Prefrontal Cortices straight into our little Amygdalas.

And how the straightforward behavior of little kids can drive its way into the same spaces.

Take random interviews at zoos, re-represented through clay for example.

5 year old Korean kids and their featherheaded teachers.

Discomfited Pumas

But really I'm helpless for 3 toed paws hanging from trees.

It's so great!

Anonymous said...

I just realized--

If you put on your new headset, with the Buck Rogers hair, you could do this Queen of the Night:

Name it said...

I also just realized I should have said:

Discomfited "Cougars"


[Then I could have gotten a T-Shirt with your faaaaaaaavorite word on it. Oh, I can't WAIT for Christmas now...I'm all giddy!]

Ninny Beth said...

will that Christmas present t-shirt be in addition to or replacing the ace bandages and 600 count tylenol? Because I was really looking forward to the bulk healthcare items.