Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I got up this morning at 6:10am. It was still dark outside, but I was there in my gym pants, sports bra and running shoes...bleary eyed, but present. And I went to the gymnasium. The gym and I have always SORT of gotten along. I did ok in the squatting weight class and I survived the "incident" with the treadmill with only moderate scarring...but I have a new problem.

When I went to Trevor, my new STYLIST (so fun to say that) last week, I was chastized for washing my hair everyday. This is a not news to me...I understand that it's supposed to be healthy for your hair to soak in their own greasy juices at least every other day. I get it. But just because I get it doesn't mean I have to like it or do it. Honestly, when I was a scary adolescent, I used to get in TROUBLE for not washing my hair. In fact, my mother still likes to point out that I had to be told to wash my long stringy hair...if only my mom had known that I was really not hygenically challenged...I was FASHION FORWARD!

Ok, so a lifetime of being told to wash your hair can not easily be reversed. But I'm trying. I've been promised by Those Who Wash Every Other Day that my hair will adjust and even out. I have faith in Their words. So I'm making it happen...but this coincides challengingly with my new gym schedule. I'm not sure if massive amounts of sweat is the same thing as normally occuring hair grease and I'm afraid that I'm moving into the realm of "just plain disgusting". Trevor suggested that I use baby powder to cut the grease on my "day off" but that seems so highschool dreadlock wannabe. Can healthy hair and a healthy body co-exist peacefully? I used to actually like sweat before it became a harbinger of bad hair. I guess we'll just have to wait and see which vanity wins out?


lovestrong said...

I feel your pain sistah friend! I'm actually getting to the point where I kinda like the second day...I feel a bit more sleeky chic or something. And I've decided it's a good idea to rethink parts of your routine once inawhile...decide what parts of your life really are as necessary as you once thought they were....kinda like experimenting with vegetarianism. If anything, you save on shampoo right?

Ninny Beth said...

good point about money saved adri-
I was just beginning to curse the second day, but I think everything is going to be ok. My hair doesn't even really look dirty.

Anonymous said...

Buy a shower cap and shower everyday. That way you can have the greasy hair without the sweat look:)

Tamara said...

Okay, here's the secret: just use conditioner every other day. They don't mean you have to keep your hair totally dry every day, just don't use shampoo on it. This way, the shampoo won't dry your hair out. A good conditioner should help your "natural" oils. That way, you don't need to feel gross!

Lena said...

Totally agree with the conditioner comment - I find it helped ease that awkward transitional period into the world of every other day washing.

Now I'm washing my hair every other day, and loving it (cue zoom-in of Lena holding shower cap and voice-over "YOU can save money on shampoo TOO!")

As I just spent a literally obscene amount of money on some fancy shampoo from my fancy salon with some fancy botanical ingredient (that I'm sure will get my hair no cleaner than my nice-smelling, cheap Herbal Essences), the money saving thing is becoming important.

Sara McOllie said...

For me, it is a hit and miss. Sometimes I can go a couple days but most times I have to wash it every day. I used to go every other day when my hair was significantly shorter and also when it was longer (bob length). But then again, don't listen to me, I only use conditioner when I need it, which ends up being at most once a week, but usually once a month and can't be bothered to use product in my hair. Oh, the power of a good hairstylist and a colorist and my parents for giving me good hair genes.