Thursday, September 29, 2005

My collections

Here is an inconclusive list of some things I collect:

  • Porcelain Dolls (JUST KIDDING!!!)
  • hardbound, unlined journals
  • quotes
  • old books
  • poetry books
  • really... any books
  • vintage coats
  • Mikasa plates
  • jadite dinnerware
  • costume jewels
  • my mother's jewels
  • friends
  • internet boyfriends
  • pre-boyfriends
  • gay boyfriends
  • other people's boyfriends (kidding of)
  • accents
  • Daniel Day Lewis movies
  • General Conference talks
  • madonna and child post cards
  • information about humanitarian non-profits that I someday want to run
  • information about humanitarian non-profits that I think should run me
  • other people's blogs
  • useless pop culture facts
  • weight watchers recipes
  • black and white jazz photographs
The act of collecting is empowering. It's the searching and the hoping and the finding and finally owning that is addictive. Is it true that the things we collect are a reflection of our desires and passions? I should probably try to collect positive personality attributes instead of dishes. Then I wouldn't have to pack so much when I finally decide to move.


lovestrong said...

I'm totally down with the books collections. Half of the books I own I got in a college class somewhere along the way and can't even remember what they were about or if I really read them, but I love the fact that I have them and that day after day they sit on my shelves...someone elses thoughts/wisdom/bullshit that I own. I love books. I've attempted other collections, but find I get bored or they become too expensive. And watch mom collects porclein dolls.

Lena said...

Ahem. I have a slight confession to make. I used to collect porcelain dolls. But I was young and silly! And they were all given to me -so it was more my grandmother cruelly forcing me to collect them. I have charitably forgiven her.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Day Lewis movies:
Room with a View, one of my absolute favorites.
Once again, love your blog.

Ninny Beth said...

room with a view is such a good movie!!!! I love that DD can go from foppish cecil to ruggedly savage nathaniel and then to penitent John what's his bucket in The Crucible. Have yet to see the ballad of jack and rose. Kind of scared...