Tuesday, October 25, 2005

OK, computer and Camera and ipod

I used to be a literati, now I am a digirati. I bought a digital camera this weekend and now I am obsessed. I have pictures of my hand, pictures of my feet, pictures of the prom, documentation of the mess that is my room, pictures of homeless people outside my apartment, pictures of the dead plants in my office...you name it, I'm capturing it in digital.

Since I bought the camera, my desire for an ipod has increased exponentially. I realize that for the amount I spent on the camera, memory stick and such (such being the second season of arrested development which I will have to give it's own blog since it is such a beautiful thing) , that I could have been 2/3 of the way to the true happiness of digital music. I also acquired 2 new cd's this weekend that I feel would be better served via ipod. The bands are called, Magnet and Spoon, (I'm not sure when bands started naming themselves after Dora the Explorer characters, but at least it makes it easy to scream them when you are at the concert! Try screaming SPPPPPOOOOOON as opposed to Orchestral Manuevers in the Daaaaaaaarrrrrkkkk!!!)

Anyway, I'm getting an ipod with my tax return assuming I haven't LEPT into a new tax bracket with my non-profit job raise...haha. UM. And life will be digital all over the place. Dreamy. Enjoy the prom pictures!


Anonymous said...

Boo Ipod. Try looking in to IRIVER, not to huge in the states yet. But cheaper,then ipod, better sound quality, and tons of EXTRAs are included that you have to PAY for in the IPoD. Ipod isn't bad but for the money IRIVER pretty much ROcks.

Love, Random Surfer http://www.myspace.com/nava_jo

Manpace said...

"Spoon" is of course the battle cry for nigh-invulnerable The Tick.

The Great White Buffalo said...

"Digerati" was the Word of the Day for Tuesday December 20, 2005. http://dictionary.reference.com/wordoftheday/archive/2005/12/20.html You were *so* ahead of the curve.