Saturday, March 31, 2007

I'm A Teacher. I Teach.

Right before I left Salt Lake, I was telling everyone proudly that I was going to seoul to work at a language academy that uses art to inform language acquisition. Well, the part that I forgot was that *I* had to figure out a way to inform all that language acquisition with said art. Every day is different...I'm starting to get the hang of somethings at the school and still most days my job leaves me feeling like I came to school in my underpants and the fat kid stole my lunch money. Any new job will do that to you, but the difference here is that the fat kid at this job is 48 kindergarteners. But then there are days like these...days when my job makes me clap my hands and scream cause I got the holy ghost in me. We've been learning the concept of pretend and studying "characters" in our book all month and the most amazing thing happened when we did face painting...

THEY PRETENDED!!!!! Please see the pictures below and try to ignore the fact that I am probably flashing you ala sharon stone. I was too busy being a cat to care.
Next month we are doing a book about animals and doing a dance production that uses animal movement. This should be interesting.

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Marie said...

I wish you'd been my teacher. That looks so fun! You should do howler monkeys next.

I'm sorry you have pantsless-lunchless days, but I doubt the kids notice much. Little kids want a teacher with energy and imagination, and you've got that for sure.