Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's like, totally, like being in college, dude

Remember when I had that ridiculous list of things that made you a grown-up?
1. bed bigger than a twin
2. flip cell phone
3. car with 4 doors
4. 401 K
5. furniture not made out of crates and not found in a dumpster

At one point, I was 2 away from acheiving true adulthood...and now I live in an officetel which is basically a glorified dorm room. sigh. I don't even own a cell phone of any kind let alone a room big enough to house a bed bigger than a twin. Let's take a tour (this is for you, alie)
OK, so Seoul is really dirty. people spit on the streets and do other things on the streets and then you walk on it with your shoes. remember the acid rain theory? So every house has a spot to take off your shoes. And restaurants too. And schools. Remember how I bought all those cool shoes? I should have been buying socks. Now to the immediate left as you walk in the door is my bathroom/shower. Please note that the showerhead is attached to the sink. You just let 'er rip and the whole bathroom becomes your shower stall. It's kind of convenient except when you are walking around in your socks later and have to go to the bathroom. Tricky.The kitchenette is on the right across from the bathroom (again, very efficient people, these koreans) and then you enter the full glory of the dorm room. desk, two shelves, armoir and bed. Stone bed. I'll show how that works another time. It's late, I need to sleep. And there you have it. The dorm room. cozy. teeny. mine.


Sara McOllie said...

Yes, it may be a dorm room, but it is very cute and cosy. Also, did I see a washing machine under the kitchen counter?

you need those slippers to put on that have a rubber sole so that you can walk around your bathroom without fear of your socks getting soaked.

lumina said...

and someday we will devise some method for attaching things to the wall!

and I'll get my two boxes on sunday. i swear

lumina said...

Hey and can I just tell everyone who loves and misses KaRyn....
THANK YOU! thank you for letting me have her all to myself. mwhahaha! She's too delicious.
She makes me laugh till know all about that. She smiles and does good things just all the time. She gives her everything everyday...and I'm really really really really glad she is here.

Sorry you all miss her...I'm so happy she is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ninny Beth said... can leave the boxes forever if you also leave the graffiti heart board. It's kind of growing on me!

Marie said...

I remember showering with the toilet in our hotels in Jordan. Plus there was a bidet, so there was just a lot of flying water and no place to hide. Heck -- why don't they just dispense with the john altogether and just have one big drain....


Anonymous said...

Thanks Nipta, these are the pictures I was waiting for. I actually think it's kind of cool looking. You make life look like fun! I miss you!!!!!
p.s. Bee-Nine

Synergy said...

Ok. So I just got caught up on Korean KaRyn. It's like a movie or a really good chick-lit novel. (I think there are two actually out there)Only much more literate and insightful. 1st- You are looking foxier than ever. You look chic, urban and cool in a way that Americans just can't pull off. It's the whole ex-pat thing. (See The Talented Mr. Ripley for more glamourous ex-pat action, only don't get killed by a serial killer). 2nd- You are so brave. Aside from the major sacrifices of space and belongings... you have to eat from the unknown category of food. Which is something most of us won't even do at Chili's. And 3rd- Can we send you American treats? Seeing the candy made me sad. A lot of countries try to pass of cough drops and the like as candy. I want to show them a better way. In the meantime tell us what semi-non perishables you are craving and give us an address and we will get to work. Love and love. -M (PS- sorry for the long post, feel free to delete it, or spell check it.)