Monday, March 05, 2007

Ninny in Incheon Airport

my first official Korean meal. This is called a hoppang. It's doughy white bread with sweet red bean filling. I bought it at a convenience store called MiniStop.
And this is everything that I currently have in the world. All on a cart. Like a bag lady.

Though everything else in the world is upside down, I still have you, DC...only here, you must change your CCL. LIGHT? like beer. Damnit, they've figured out that it's that addictive.


addicted said...

Ok this was good... it's good to finally hear from you... but seriously you should write some more! :)

Marie said...'ve given me a steamed bun craving. I know where I'll be stopping on the way home from work!

I"m so glad to hear you're safe and sound and that you have web access so you can keep us up on your adventures. Hooray for Adventure Girl!

BTW, be sure to bring several of those novelty pop bottles home with you. I brought lots of souveneirs back for my family, but what they fought over was the empty Sprite bottle labeled in Hebrew. I could have saved so much money.