Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Random Korea 1

Tiny Grist Mill? Medeival Torture Device? No. Tape dispenser. This baby takes up half of my desk and makes a loud whirling sound when you access it's magical power. Regan says they have these in the U.S. but I ain't never seen one in my broad traveled 29 years...anyone else? A candid, probably illegal shot on the 5500-1 express bus. I'm sitting on the throne chairs up about it all at the back of the bus. So, I guess you are supposed to be quiet on the buses in korea which is near impossible on these back of the bus seats...especially with Lumina and Regan when we are a little giddy after a particularly crazy work day. Yesterday we got an evil stare from a man approximately 20 rows up.

Well, this picture is going to ruin your surprise at Christmas...don't these look tempting and pretty and yummy? korean traditional candy. We walk by 5 of the best shops in Seoul on our way home every night. I have always wondered what they taste like. I have to wonder no more. Regan bought some for Lumina for her birthday. This is the highly coveted "Essense of Seoul" collection. The black ones, those taste like dirt. The green ones, those are a delicious mix of cabbage and ass. There are two yellow because they couldn't possibly capture the flavor of asphalt covered in cigarette butts with less than 8 "candies". We loved the brown ones (bean and fish) so much that we ate them all. Sorry.
PS. I am only being flip because we asked our Korean co-workers if they liked them and they said no...they said they were very healthy but not very good. And as an entirely side note, I love Korea even if I don't agree with their choice of labels for "candy".


Marie said...

I think some elaborate prank has been pulled on you silly Americans. Those are clearly non-edible.

Emily said...

I am cracking up over your description of these candies. Especially the cabbage & ass